Equipment Guidelines

Each team will be issued equipment for your use. It is each team‘s responsibility to care for and return issued equipment to the association‘s Equipment Manager at the conclusion of the ringette season.

Issued equipment includes the following:

Rings - each team will receive enough rings for team use. This number will be dictated by the number of players on a team. The intention will be to have more rings than players (120-150%). Through the course of the playing year, rings split or get worn out and can be exchanged for new rings (please do not discard). This is acceptable, but excessive loss of rings may cause the team to replace rings at year-end. When returning at the end of the year, inform the equipment manager of such wear.

  Jerseys - each team will be assigned a jersey set(s). For U7, the jersey sets have been supplied by Tim Horton‘s and only one color set is issued. The Tim Horton‘s sets have either 18 or 20 jerseys per set. Depending on the number of teams in South Calgary, U9‘s may be issued Blue/White sets. For U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19, two jersey sets will be issued (home and away). Each set has 15 jerseys, including one larger jersey for use by the goalie (#1 or #30). In cases where the team rosters are larger, additional jerseys are available. A jersey deposit of $150 is collected and held by the team manager. At year-end, the deposits are destroyed once all jerseys are returned and in satisfactory condition. Each jersey set is marked on the neck collar with an alpha letter indicating its set. For example, a U10 team may be issued jersey set D.

Note: Game jerseys are not to be used for practices. Coaches, reminder your players and enforce.

 Goalie Equipment - in cases where a goalie does not own their own equipment, South Calgary can supply for a team/player. Generally, pads, blocker, throwing glove, chest protector and stick are available. Goalie equipment is not issued at U7 level. Teams are responsible for returning equipment in good condition. Extreme damage or equipment loss will result in the team replacing or paying for replacement equipment. Fulltime goalies, with South Calgary issued goalie equipment, will be required to provide a post-dated deposit cheque for $300 payable to South Calgary Ringette Association, refundable at year-end, with equipment returned in satisfactory condition.

  Coach Bags - each team will be issued coach bags to carry rings, pylons and other equipment.

 Medical Kits - upon request, a medical kit will be issued for a team. Generally, kits have not been issued to the younger age groups as there tends to be more injuries that require first aid attention in the older age groups.

 Shot Clocks - shot clocks may be shared by South Calgary teams. When all coaches and teams are finalized, shot clocks are issued based on siblings on different teams, proximity of coach residences, or any other logistics. Each team will be required to provide a $500 security deposit for a shot clock with deposit supplied prior to issuing a shot clock. Cheques are payable to South Calgary Ringette Association. A shot clock status sheet will be issued with the shot clock set in order to assess any damages when returned at year-end.

When equipment is picked up by a team representative, a spreadsheet is supplied to the team. This lists the jersey set code, along with number of rings, goalie equipment, etc. In each set, the jersey numbers are listed with their corresponding sizes. Not all jersey sets have the same number-size scheme. Teams should consider jersey sizes with player sizes when distributing to the players.

When equipment, jerseys, and roster sheets are issued, the team coach or manager must return the roster sheet to the Equipment Manager with names of the players within one-two weeks of issue. The Equipment Manager will then email the final roster set back to the representative. This allows for both teams and the association to have copies of player-jerseys and equipment lists, in the event that damage or losses occur.

Periodically, teams have requests for other pieces of equipment. For example, a right-handed goalie stick may be needed in addition to left-handed, etc. The Equipment Manager is glad and willing to accommodate for reasonable requests.

Note: At the end of the year, it is the team‘s responsibility to return all equipment during the allocated equipment return time.