Information on Changes to Ringette


Feb 22, 2019 – As you may or may not have heard through various sources, change is coming to our sport. These changes are currently being discussed and developed.

Why the changes:

The changes are coming to accommodate the needs of our athletes. As our athletes grow and develop at different stages, our programs are required to be altered to be able to offer something for all. Years of research, not only in our sport, are pointing to changes to offer better programs to support the development of all athletes. This initiative is being led by Ringette Canada, and all Provinces are responsible to implement the changes within their associations. Each province will follow the general direction provided by Ringette Canada but implement solutions that may be unique from province to province.

What is changing:

The main change proposed for 2019-20 is to make adjustments to Children’s Ringette (Active Start and some U10) to ensure more time with the ring in this critical development period. The game will remain structured, unlike what some of you may have seen with the changes in hockey, but will be modified to fit the size of the players.

When is the change happening:

While there are a lot of rumours in the public, Ringette Alberta is currently communicating openly with the executive levels of all Associations within Alberta through workshops. This allows the Associations to help define and develop what the programs may look like, but also how they could be implemented. When the programs are ready, they will be phased in within a controlled timeline. This will mean that we may see some of the changes in the coming season, while other changes will take longer to define, develop and implement.  Any change that is to be implemented for the 2019-20 season will be confirmed by March 31st.

How can I learn more:

As mentioned, Ringette Alberta is currently working with Association Executives. The plan will be adjusted based on Association feedback, and once that is complete, the plan will be communicated to all Ringette Alberta members (All association members). The input process will repeat in the coming weeks with the opportunity for parents, coaches, officials and other ringette stakeholders given the opportunity to provide input. Please watch your email for upcoming dates, and we encourage you to attend these important feedback opportunities. 

► You can also visit www.YourRingette.ca for info on the changes and proposed concepts.

What can I do in the meantime:

While work is being performed by many volunteers across Alberta, please remain patient and calm. We do understand change can be trying for many, but through discussion, Ringette Alberta is working to consider all aspects of the changes being suggested.  Please do not draw conclusions, or pass on information that comes from the ‘grapevine’ as others may have already drawn incorrect conclusions.

Have a great weekend, and good luck to those teams off to Provincial Playdowns this weekend!