Update on Practice Ice Schedules – Sept / Oct

Thank you everyone for your patience while we work with Ringette Calgary to establish the next set of practice ice schedules.  

We are not able to release the next set of practice ice schedules for next week is until the game schedule for U16A and U19A is finalized with Ringette Calgary. We anticipate that their game schedules will be finalized very soon, and then we will be able to finalize the practice schedules for the next week and then shortly after that for up until Thanksgiving.

For practice ice schedules after Thanksgiving, we will be similarly on hold until the game schedules are finalized for the remaining divisions. For your reference, here are the league season start dates for the various divisions:

  • Oct 2 – U16A, U19A
  • Oct 14 -U14A / B / C, U16B, U19B
  • Oct 28 – U12 and under (The league start date for these groups is later this season to avoid large gaps during the season and at the end of the season as was experienced last year.)

Once U14A/B/C, U16B, and U19B game schedules become available we will be able to release the next set of practice ice schedules up to Oct 28. After that, practice ice schedules will be released in stages for the first half of the season in order to lessen the impact on scheduling from teams being accepted into tournaments.

Thank you for your patience. We expect to have the next set of practice ice schedules posted soon.


SCRA Ice Scheduling