Congratulations to our 2019/20 SCRA Scholarship Recipients

Earlier this spring we were pleased to announce our 2019/20 SCRA Scholarship recipients, Tegyn Heale and Erin Williams.  

The goal of our Scholarship program is to encourage our young athletes to continue playing Ringette while pursuing their post-secondary education. Based on feedback from our Scholarship Committee volunteers, the Scholarship program for the 2019/20 season was increased to recognize two recipients. The Committee receives so many wonderful applications every year so it was great to be able to award two young athletes this year. We are pleased to share a bit about our recipients to celebrate their awards and contributions.

First Place $1000 Award Recipient: Tegyn Heale

Tegyn has played Ringette for 15 years, including 13 seasons with South Calgary from Bunnies (U8) all the way up to Belle (U19). For the past two seasons, Tegyn has played with the UofC Dinos in the CORA Open A league. She was a Jr Coach for SCRA for 2 seasons and has since continued as an assistant coach with SCRA for the past 3 seasons. Tegyn has also served as an official for the past 4 seasons.

In her application, Tegyn expressed her strong belief in the concept of “education through the physical” – in essence, we participate in physical activity to train the body and the mind. This belief and her love of Ringette led her to pursue a degree in physical education and leadership where she hopes to continue to teach others to grow through physical activity. We are proud to support Tegyn in her post-secondary studies. Thank you Tegyn for your ongoing support of SCRA and the sport of Ringette, and for being an inspiration to our young athletes.

Tegyn with some hardware from the Canadian University Ringette Championship

Second Place $500 Award Recipient: Erin Williams

Erin has played Ringette for 12 years, including 10 seasons with SCRA beginning in Bunnies (U8) and continuing up to U19. She has given back to the sport of Ringette by serving SCRA as a Jr Coach and by officiating for the past 7 years in countless games, tournaments and playdowns up to the U19A level. She continues to play in the CORA Open C league while she is pursuing her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Finance at the University of Calgary.

In Erin’s application letter, she expressed how Ringette – particularly as she moved into the older age groups of U14-U19 – has taught her the importance of gracious sportsmanship, integrity and respect for her teammates and opponents. These lessons have carried into her other pursuits including her volunteer work and her post-secondary studies. We are proud to support Erin in her studies at the U of C. Thank you Erin for continuing to support the sport of Ringette and for inspiring our young athletes.

Erin in her SCRA days sharing the ice with her cousin on UofC Dinos