Teaming up with KidSport Calgary So ALL Kids Can Play

SCRA is teaming up with KidSport Calgary and their Calgary Flames Sports Bank So ALL Kids Can Play the fastest game on ice!

CALGARY – With their past two seasons impacted by shutdowns due to COVID-19 restrictions, the South Calgary Ringette Association (SCRA) is concerned that players and families will be hesitant to return to sport this fall. In addition to the mental and physical challenges that players may be experiencing due to the shutdowns, families may also be facing increased financial pressures that will prevent them from returning to sport. SCRA is hopeful that teaming up with KidSport Calgary to promote the return to sport and the financial assistance options that are available will help kids get back to playing sports including Ringette, the fastest game on ice.

“We know that players have been through a lot of upheaval the past few seasons, with our 2019/20 season being cut short before playoffs and Provincials and then this 2020/21 season being significantly impacted. We worry that players will be turned off of sport after all the disappointments,” said Lynette Zyznomirski, President of SCRA.

SCRA’s concerns around the return to sport are compounded by the already prevalent issue of keeping girls in sport. While community Ringette is a co-ed sport and welcomes young athletes of all genders and orientations to join in the fun, the sport has historically been predominantly female-driven. Reports by Canadian Women & Sport show that girls are less likely to get involved in sport and stay in sport compared to boys. For those girls who do participate in sport, 1 in 3 girls drop out in their teens as compared to only 1 in 10 boys. 

“We believe that returning to sport will be a big part of the emotional and physical recovery for our athletes and our youth in general. Sport teaches us to be resilient and our hope is that our players will be ready to get back on the ice and have fun with their friends again this season,” Zyznomirski added. “We are grateful that KidSport Calgary is here to support families who may be facing financial barriers to help kids return to sport.”

Kidsport Calgary provides grants to families to help cover the costs of registration fees, as well as providing no-cost equipment so that all kids aged 18 and under in Calgary & Area can play a season of sport.

“The partnership with local Ringette associations including the SCRA is part of our proactive approach we are taking to get more kids back to sport this year.” noted Kevin Webster – CEO, KidSport Calgary and the Calgary Flames Sports Bank. “Sport is going to play a critical role in building back up our community and our kids.  We are working with leaders in our community, like the SCRA, to amplify this important message and highlight our programs that are in place to support those families facing financial hardship so we can get more kids back to sport in 2021.”

To encourage new young players from across the city and surrounding area to try the sport, SCRA is hosting two “Come Try Ringette” events this summer on July 24th and Aug 14th at the Flames Community Arenas. Registration is free and no previous experience is necessary. SCRA will have extra Ringette sticks on hand to lend out at the event, and KidSport Calgary and their Calgary Flames Sports Bank will be on site to assist anyone who needs skates or a helmet. Need help with the full gear? Families that need to be outfitted with more equipment can get set up with the Calgary Flames Sports Bank leading up to the event.

For more information about SCRA’s upcoming “Come Try Ringette” events, please visit For information about KidSport Calgary and the Calgary Flames Sport Bank, please visit

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Lynette Zyznomirski
President, SCRA

Becky Scheer
VP Admin, SCRA

About the South Calgary Ringette Association
SCRA is proud to represent approximately 400 young athletes aged 5 to 18 taking part in the sport of Ringette — the fastest game on ice! Our registration area includes communities in the southwest quadrant of the city. SCRA teams play in the Chinook League which is coordinated by Ringette Calgary.