SCRA APPAREL: Athletes wanting SCRA team wear apparel for the season are required to purchase the approved South Calgary Ringette apparel. Apparel is not mandatory.

► More information on how and where to purchase your SCRA wear will be made available in the coming months on our website and by email.

Specific team names are not permitted on official SCRA apparel. A member’s initials or name can be added to SCRA team wear as per the available ordering options.

TEAM-SPECIFIC WEAR: Teams often want to purchase their own practice jerseys or other team-specific wear. We strongly encourage all coaches, managers and parents to consider that several families on your team may be dealing with difficult financial situations. We hear from many families every year about the pressure they feel from these extra and unnecessary costs. Please assume that your team will have families facing this stress and you can help them by avoiding these additional costs.

However, if your team still decides to purchase team-specific wear, please keep the following in mind:

  • Teams are not permitted to use the SCRA name and logo on their team-specific wear. SCRA trademarks can only be used by the association on SCRA approved apparel.
  • Team specific sponsors can only be recognized on team specific apparel and not on official SCRA apparel.
  • Team specific practice jerseys are not allowed for play in league games, tournaments, exhibition games or any other game where SCRA is being represented.