Children’s Ringette

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Children’s Ringette includes Active Start, U10 and U12. The focus throughout Children’s Ringette is on fun and maximum participation.

For the 2019-20 season:

  • Active Start will play 3 vs 3 plus goalies, cross-ice games, when games are played. 
  • U10 Step 1 will play 3 vs 3 plus goalies, half-ice games
  • U10 Step 2, U10 Step 3 and U12 will remain on full ice
  • U12 players will end their season with a league championship rather than a provincial championship.

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Active Start and U10 Step 1

Starting in the 2019/2020 season, U10 Step 1 will be playing Half-Ice games and Active Start will be playing Cross-Ice games.

► Ringette Calgary has info on Active Start and U10 Step 1 on their website:

► Ringette Alberta also has important info for all officials that will be officiating Half-Ice and CrossIce games, assignors that will be scheduling officials, and coaches that will be on the ice for these games.

► RAB has also printed Game Sheets specific to the U10S1 game, as there is no goal reporting or penalty reporting. It is a simplified game sheet that is available in the RAB online store: