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SCRA Updates

  • Apr 15, 2021 – This afternoon it was announced by Dr. Hinshaw that there will be a two week pause on all extracurricular indoor youth sports for grade 7 – 12 youth in the Municipality of Calgary beginning on Monday, April 19th. Please watch for an email with further info for our Spring Ringette Program. As always, please continue to strictly follow all AHS public health orders, respect the safety requirements at FCA and refer to our previous emails for the other safety protocols. For more info about today’s announcement and the “Additional Measures for Calgary youth in grades 7 to 12”, please visit:
  • Apr 8, 2021 – SCRA Spring Ringette is changing to full ice format! The modified Step 1 restrictions were changed back this afternoon to once again allow more than one youth group of 10 participants per indoor surface – however we have decided to proceed with moving to a full ice format for all weekly sessions as a safeguard against future changes. For most of our spring groups, there will be no change or very minimal change to your previously scheduled ice time. There are only a couple groups who we needed to reschedule to a new day, and we have already contacted those coaches directly. Please see our email update for more info, and continue to watch your RAMP Team App for updates to your player’s ice session schedule. As always, please continue to strictly follow all AHS public health orders and the safety requirements at FCA. We want to ensure we continue our great relationship with FCA, and the health and safety of their staff as well as our coaches, players and families is a top concern. Please refer to our previous emails for the safety requirements.
  • Apr 8, 2021 – Since our email update yesterday, the modified Step 1 restrictions have changed again. It appears that, effective immediately, the restrictions pertaining to youth sports now allow only one youth group of 10 participants per indoor playing surface at a time. This impacts our ability to run two groups on a half ice format. Flames Community Arena is also awaiting their final confirmation on this change. As a precaution, and as we wait, we are in discussions with FCA to secure additional ice to accommodate the new restrictions. Please stay tuned for further updates as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and share the frustration caused by this sudden change. We are aiming to have further info to share before the next upcoming sessions on Friday.
  • Apr 6, 2021 – After today’s announcement of the COVID-19 restrictions moving to a modified Step 1, we know many of you may be wondering about the impact to our Spring Ringette Program. At this time, the restrictions pertaining to youth sports remain the same as previous, and our program is able to go forward with the existing socially-distanced format that is currently in place. Please refer to our previous Spring Program emails for further info.
  • 2020/21 Season Update – blog post with announcement regarding the end to the 2020/21 regular season
  • FAQs – Team Cohorts, Safety Officers and more – blog post updated during the 2020/21 regular season with info for common questions on season restrictions / updates, cohorts, coaches, rosters, game play, etc
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