Thank you for your patience while we worked with our fellow local associations to review the Return to Ringette guidelines and collaborate on plans for the upcoming 2020/21 season, including developing similar approaches for player assessment and team formation processes.

Due to strict safety restrictions, our typical evaluation and team formation process will not be possible this season. Please see our Process Summary document for full details.

The following are a few key points to note:

  • SCRA will be proceeding with a non-skating path to team formation this year.
  • UAA testing for U10 – U14 is not required by RAB this year and will not be part of our pre-season player assessment process.
  • The heath and safety of all members is the primary concern of the Return to Ringette plans, however meaningful competition, player development and FUN remain key priorities for our community Ringette association.

What will the season look like? Please see our blog post for a breakdown on what the Return to Ringette guidelines mean for the upcoming season.

Returning from Calgary AA Tryouts? Please log into your SportzSoft account to bring your registration payment up to date. Contact our Registrar for assistance. As per RAB guidelines, players that are released after evaluating in the AA tryout cohort round must wait 14 days before joining their SCRA team cohort.

Please be advised that all plans can quickly change as all levels of government, AHS, Ringette Canada, RAB and Ringette Calgary respond to the evolving COVID-19 situation.

General Information

  • AS-U14 will be assessed and placed on tiered teams based on data.
  • U16-U19 will use a draft process to assess players and form teams.
  • Final placement of players is subject to the discretion of the Evaluation Committee and has the support of the South Calgary Ringette Association Board.

Please be considerate. Pre-season player assessments are a very stressful time for many of our young athletes and families. Parents are asked to remember the Respect in Sport principles and be considerate of the athletes, other parents and volunteers.

Concerns and questions during the Evaluations process should be directed to the Evaluations Coordinator. Parents are asked to use the 24 hour rule where possible: please wait 24 hours before sending any concerns. SCRA will not tolerate harassment toward any volunteers.

Friend Requests

Friend Request forms will be accepted for players in AS and players who are new to the sport. As always, friend requests cannot be guaranteed. The form must be signed by both families and then submitted to the Evaluations Coordinator before Tuesday, September 1st.

UAA Testing

UAA testing will not be part of our pre-season player assessment process this year.

What is UAA Testing? As per Ringette Alberta policy, UAA Testing utilizes four different skill testing stations for skaters in U10-U14. Full-time goalies do not attend the UAA testing sessions.

  • Station 1:  Forward & Backward Speed Skate (U10, U12, U14)
  • Station 2:  Agility Weave with a Ring  (U10, U12, U14)
  • Station 3:  Parallel Start & Stop (U10, U12, U14)
  • Station 4:  Butterfly Transitional Skate (U12, U14)

Details of the UAA tests can be found on the Ringette Alberta website:  https://ringettealberta.com/universal-athlete-assessment/

Goalie FAQs

  • As part of the U16 and U19 team draft process, head coaches will draft FT goalies for their respective teams, informed by data as outlined in the Process Summary.
  • U12 / U14 FT goalies will be placed on teams within their age group based on data as outline in the Process Summary.
  • If your child is a skater and also signed up to be a part-time goalie (ie. 25-75%), they will be assessed as a skater and placed on a team as a skater.
  • Goalie equipment is provided to all teams in U12 and below (and to older teams as needed).
  • To support and encourage our goalies, SCRA provides a goalie refund at the end of the season for goalies in age divisions U12 and up. The flat refund is $600 for full time goalies, and $250 for goalies that play 50% or more as confirmed by the head coach at the end of the season.