Fee Details

Registration fees and other administrative fees for the 2020/21 regular season are outlined in the schedule below.

Payment Options

Regular Registration: Instalment Payments
This year we are using a payment instalment process: 10% “deposit” at time of registration, 45% on August 31st, and 45% on October 15th. This payment process will help us determine our registration numbers for pre-season planning, while allowing flexibility to adapt if the season is significantly modified, paused or cancelled prior to starting.

Financial Assistance Programs / Special Arrangements
For information on programs that offer financial assistance with sport registration fees, please check our Financial Assistance page. If you require any other payment considerations, please contact vpregistration@southcalgaryringette.com. Where possible, we may be able to accommodate alternative payment options on an individual basis.

Registration Fees for the 2020/2021 season

Division Birth Year Regular Fee
(June 15 – AUG 15, 2020)*
Late Registration
(August 16 – 31, 2020)
Active Start**2014, 2015 $650$650
U10***2011, 2012, 2013 $900$1000
U12 2009, 2010 $900$1000
U14 2007, 2008 $900$1000
U16 2005, 2006 $950$1050
U19 2002, 2003, 2004 $950$1050

*Regular registration for U10-U19 closes AUGUST 15, 2020. SCRA cannot guarantee a position for players who register late. For late registrations beginning August 16, please contact our Registrar directly to inquire. Please see our Late Registration policy below for more information.
** Active Start registration will remain open June 15 to August 31.
*** U10 Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 will be determined by the player’s age / birth year and their evaluation results. See our Evaluations page for more information

Goalie Incentive

SCRA supports our goalies by offering a goalie incentive credit/refund at the end of the regular season for FT and PT goalies in age divisions U12 and up. See our Refund Policy page for details.

Other Fees that may appear on your Member Account


Volunteers make our program possible. We strongly encourage our members to support your athlete’s sport and fulfill your volunteer commitment. SCRA members are required to provide 100 credits (or 8 hours) of volunteer time per player, to a maximum of 200 credits per family. See our Volunteer page on the website for more info.

  • 2020/21 Volunteer Opt Out Fee: During the registration process, families can choose to opt out of the Association volunteer requirement. The fee for this is $325 per player, to a max of $600 per family. This does not relieve the family of team support roles.
  • Volunteer Non-Fulfillment Penalty: Anyone who has not honoured their Association volunteer requirements from the previous season will see an additional charge of $325 per player to a maximum of $600 per family (the amount of last season’s opt out fee) on this year’s registration. If you believe you have fulfilled this requirement, please do not complete your registration at this time and contact our Volunteer Coordinator at Volunteer@SouthCalgaryRingette.com for assistance.


If your player did not return their jersey from last season, or it was returned with damage deemed to be excessive, a damage charge of $150 will appear on your account.

Late Registration Policy

SCRA cannot guarantee a position for players who miss registration. Late registrations will be reviewed by SCRA and may be refused due to registration numbers. If accepted after evaluations have already taken place, late registrations will be placed on an appropriate team and will have the full support of the SCRA Board. For late registrations, please contact our Registrar directly to inquire.