Fun & Games

We’ve created some Ringette-inspired puzzles and games to keep the fun going even when you can’t be on the ice.

Word Puzzles

Need a hint to solve these crossword puzzles? The Ringette Canada rule book is a good place to look!

Games & Crafts

Can’t play Ringette on the ice? Play with some dice! Our board game version of Ringette isn’t quite the same as the real thing, but hopefully it brings some laughs!

Here’s an activity that is fun for even our youngest Ringette friends and fans! Get some dice, some paper and a pencil — it’s time to Roll a Ringette Mascot!

Drive to the net! Stab the ring and find your way through the maze to the net!

Can you solve this math riddle?

Get some tissue paper and a glue stick, and brighten a sunny window with some Ringette “stained glass” window art.

Other Links

National Ringette School – Colouring Pages — The contests are closed but you can still print the colouring pages to have fun on your own!

2015 colouring page

2016 colouring page