Fun & Games

We’ve created some Ringette-inspired puzzles and games to keep the fun going even when you can’t be on the ice.

Word Puzzles

Need a hint to solve these crossword puzzles? The Ringette Canada rule book is a good place to look!

Games & Crafts

Ringette Dice Game — Can’t play Ringette on the ice? Play with some dice! Our board game version of Ringette isn’t quite the same as the real thing, but hopefully it brings some laughs!

Roll-A-Ringette Mascot — Here’s an activity that is fun for even our youngest Ringette friends and fans! Get some dice, some paper and a pencil — it’s time to Roll a Ringette Mascot!

Ringette Maze — Drive to the net! Stab the ring and find your way through the maze to the net!

Ringette Math — Put your brain to the test with this math puzzle!

Window Art — Get some tissue paper and a glue stick, and brighten a sunny window with some Ringette “stained glass” window art.

Other Links

National Ringette School – Colouring Pages — The contests are closed but you can still print the colouring pages to have fun on your own!

2015 colouring page

2016 colouring page