Goalie Development

Questions? Please contact goaltending@southcalgaryringette.com.

SCRA Goalie Clinics

To support the development of goalies, SCRA typically provides goalie clinics during the season to offer goalie specific training to all full time and part time goalies. Clinic details and sign-up info will be emailed to head coaches.

Goalie Coaching Resources

National Ringette School – goalie drills and other drills

Beaconsfield Kirkland Ringette Association – goalie tips and drills VIDEOS

Goalie FAQs


  • If your child is interested in trying the goalie position, why not encourage them to try something they might enjoy? Especially in the AS to U12 age groups, please avoid negative or fearful comments. We encourage you to set them up with positive support and language.
  • Being a goalie is a physically demanding position that builds physical strength, stamina, agility, flexibility and mental resilience. Your child will continue to get lots of exercise as a goalie.
  • Goalie equipment is provided to all teams in U12 and below (and to older teams as needed). Your Full-Time or Part-Time goalie is welcome to use the team gear. However, many FT goalies prefer to have their own gear that fits them properly and that they can use for other training sessions or off-season camps.
  • To support and encourage our goalies, SCRA provides a goalie incentive credit/refund at the end of the season for FT and PT goalies in age divisions U12 and up. See our Refund Policy page for info.
  • If your child is registered as a PT goalie, it will depend on your team’s specific situation for how much playing time they will get in net. If you don’t have a FT goalie on your team, your PT goalie will likely get to play in net much more often. Talk to your coach.


  • Encouraging as many goalies as possible at the Children’s Ringette (AS-U12) level is critical to address the shortage of goalies in the older age groups (U14-U19).
  • In AS and U10, all players should be given the opportunity to play the position.
  • In U12, even if your team has a FT goalie, it is strongly recommended that you encourage any PT goalies or other interested players on your team to play the position. (ie. serve as your team’s back up goalie instead of using an affiliate, attend the goalie clinics, dress as a second goalie for full-ice practices).
  • See the Ringette Alberta website for their notes on Goaltender Development: https://ringettealberta.com/goaltender-development/