Ice Schedule FAQs

How are practice ice times distributed to teams?

  • Our schedulers aim to ensure teams within each age division get an even amount of practices and an even amount of practice time slots.
  • In general, AS-U12 tend to get the early morning ice times and U14-U19 tend to get the late evening ice times.

Why can’t you release the full season schedule for our practices?

  • In Sept/Oct, our ice schedulers need to wait for Ringette Calgary to release the 1st half season schedules before they can schedule practice ice for each age division. After that, practice ice schedules are released in stages for the 1st half of the season in order to lessen the impact on scheduling from teams being accepted into tournaments.
  • In Nov/Dec, practice schedules are similarly on hold as our ice schedulers wait for the 2nd half season game schedules to be released. The 2nd half game schedules must wait for any team Advance / Retreat decisions to be finalized. 
  • The “Critical Dates” page on the Ringette Calgary website outlines the start dates for the league’s 1st half and 2nd half of the season. Game schedules will be released by RC as soon as possible prior to these start dates. Our schedulers are unable to schedule practice ice until we know the game schedules.
  • City playoff schedules, 2nd half tournament blocks and Provincial/Regional schedules have a similar impact on our ability to schedule practice ice.

Why does it seem like the other SCRA team in our division has more practices than us?

  • Our schedulers work very hard to ensure teams within each age division get an even amount of practices and an even amount of practice time slots. If you perceive an imbalance, please be patient. The schedules will balance out over the season.
  • Please note that any league games, game reschedules or tournament blocks in your schedule affects our ability to build practice ice schedules for your team and all other teams. 
  • If your team has added tournament blocks or game reschedules in your schedule, know that your practice ice times may be impacted. Our ice schedulers will ensure you receive equal practices, however the assigned time slots or rink locations could be impacted.

Can our team cancel an assigned practice ice time?

  • Much of our practice ice allocations are received from the Ringette Calgary pool. As per the contract, we are not able to return these ice times. We must use them, even if they are not ideal times or locations.
  • It is ultimately the responsibility of the team to ensure that all assigned ice times are being used. We run a significant risk of losing ice contracts if ice times are left unused.
  • If you have a practice ice time that your team can’t use, there are a couple options:

    ► Is it a shared practice? Contact the other team to offer them the full ice.
    ► Put the ice time in the “Practice Pool”. Our schedulers have set up the practice pool functionality in SportzSoft’s Team Web portal. This will allow teams to offer up practices they cannot use and other teams to grab these ice times. (See the info below)

How do we use the “Practice Pool”?

  • See the Practice Pool pdf for instructions.
  • If you are returning a full ice practice OR if you are the second team returning a shared ice practice, you are still responsible for using this ice if no other team takes it. This means that if you are the second team returning a 7 AM practice in the NE and no-one else picks it up, you need to make sure that your team gets out there and uses that ice. 
  • We CANNOT have any ice go unused as it greatly impacts our ice contract relationships and could have a very detrimental effect on all of SCRA in the future. SCRA may also be fined by the arenas if we do not use the ice.  Each team is responsible for checking the status of your donated ice time in the practice pool and using that ice time if it does not get claimed. 
  • This is NOT to be use for Game Reschedules. Please continue to use the same process for that issue. (submitting a form through Ringette Calgary)
  • This is a new option in Sportzsoft so we welcome feedback but are hoping that this is beneficial to the teams.  Please send feedback to our ice schedulers.