The Team Manager plays a very key role in the operation of a team. The role of the Manager is to be a liaison between Parents and Coaches. Managers coordinate the team activities with all parent volunteers, communicate ice schedules of game times and practices to the parents, prepare the game sheets, and many other team duties throughout the season.

► Use the “SportzSoft Coaches Login” button to view your team’s schedule, roster and other functions in the SportzSoft TeamWeb portal. Contact VP Admin to be added to your team’s staff list as Manager and be “activated” for SportzSoft access.

Questions related to managing your team? Contact our Manager Liaison at:

MANAGER ORIENTATION MEETING: New to being a team manager or need a refresher? Join us for a review of some important info for managing your team this season. Sunday, Sept 26 at 7pm — Zoom Meeting Link:

Team Manager Resources

The Manager Manual posted below is a great resource for team managers, along with the additional documents and links to help manage your teams this season! You may also want to review the documents available on the Coaches page and the Safety Officers page.

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Insurance / Medical Links

Ice Scheduling FAQs

Our ice schedulers work very hard to ensure practice ice schedules balance out across the season for teams within each age division. All teams will receive their share of “non-prime” ice times: AS-U12 tend to get the early morning ice times and U14-U19 tend to get the late evening ice times.

Why are practice ice schedules released in stages?

  • Our ice schedulers are unable to schedule practice ice until we know league game schedules for the 1st half of the season and then again for the 2nd half of the season.
  • Game reschedules, tournament blocks, and playoff schedules have a similar domino effect on our ability to schedule practice ice. Practice schedules are released in stages to lessen the impact of these fluctuations.
  • If your team adds tournament blocks or game reschedules in your schedule, know that practice ice times for your team and other teams may be impacted as we adjust schedules accordingly. Our ice schedulers will ensure your practice ice balances out, however the assigned time slots or rink locations could be impacted.

Can our team cancel an assigned practice ice time?

No. If you have a practice ice time that your team can’t use, there are a couple options:

  • Is it a shared practice? Contact the other team to offer them the full ice.
  • Put the practice ice time in the “Practice Pool” to offer it to other SCRA teams, however you are still responsible for the ice time if no one takes it. (Note: This is NOT for game reschedules.) See the Practice Pool pdf for instructions.

What do the shared ice codes in our SportzSoft schedule mean?

Please note in SportzSoft that the team you are sharing an ice time with will be listed as the visitor.  If your practice time states:

  • x15s  – you have 15 minutes full ice at the start
  • x15e – you have 15 minutes full ice at the end
  • If it does not list another team as the visitor and says “practice” you have full ice