Team Finances

It is recommended that SCRA teams open team bank accounts rather than running team funds through their treasurer’s personal bank account. Banks such as ATB for example offer community based bank accounts which are suitable for community sports teams.

Your bank may require a letter from SCRA to give your team permission to open a team bank account.  Please contact our VP Admin with the following information to request a letter:

  • Age division and approved team name (ie. SCRA U10S1-1 Ringstars)
  • Name and mailing address of the bank
  • Full names of the volunteers on your team that will have access to the account (signing authorities)

Please note that SCRA is not responsible for any funds held in team accounts.

Accounts should not  be opened under the name “South Calgary Ringette Association“.  Please do not use the SCRA mailing address when opening your account.

► Sample budgets for teams are provided on the Managers page.