2022/23 Teams

Team practice and game schedules will be posted through the SportzSoft system for coaches / managers to view.

Links will be posted on the pages below once teams are formed following player evaluations:

When do league games begin? See the Ringette Calgary website for info on Chinook League start dates.

Team Formation FAQs

How are teams formed? ► See the Evaluations page for info on how players are evaluated and teams are formed.

How are team sizes determined? ► In general, team sizes are impacted by our final registration numbers and many other factors:

  • For cross/half ice teams, SCRA aims for the RAB recommended team size of 10-13 players.
  • For full ice teams, SCRA aims for team sizes of 13 -15 players.
  • HOWEVER, team size can be impacted by a number of factors including but not limited to:
    • an awkward total number of players registered in an age group
    • number of FT goalies available (U14-U19)
    • number of teams permitted in each age group by RAB Tiering Policy and UAA results
    • if any “cohort size” restrictions are required by public health orders

How are the number of teams in each age group / tier determined?

  • AS: number of AS teams depends on total number of players registered in the age group
  • U10-U14: number of teams in each U10 Step and U12/U14 tier is determined by number of players registered and the UAA team average results as per the RAB Tiering policy
  • U16-U19: number of teams in each tier is determined by the RAB Tiering policy

Need help finding an arena?

Check out this link from Ringette Calgary: https://ringettecalgary.ca/league/arenas/