True Sport Principles

SCRA is proud to be a member of the True Sport movement and to officially adopt the True Sport principles as our value statements.

The True Sport Principles serve as a guiding foundation for all decisions and actions we make as an association, as a team, as a coach, as a volunteer or as a player.

True Sport Resources

“Tips for Parents” brochure:

“The Ride Home” campaign: Want to keep your kids in sport? Start during the ride home.

For more information about True Sport, please visit:

Every child deserves the opportunity to experience sport that is pure, joyful and true. Every parent wants to see their child take part in sport that helps them discover their potential, teaches them to work well with others and compels them to be the best they can be. Whether we’re playing, coaching or just watching, we all know that when sport is good, it has a positive impact on us all.

True Sport Story brochure