Each team will be updated for the 2022/23 ringette season. Click individual team, to view schedule from Ringette Calgary.

U12 C

Team: CSO – U12C – 1
Team Name: Blackout
Head Coach: Laura Carter
Manager: Renee Landry & Hailey Seidel

Team: CSO – U12C – 2
Team Name: Ring Robbers
Head Coach: Stephanie Anatasiadis
Manager: Kim Cotter

U12 B

Team: CSO – U12B – 1
Team Name: Phantoms
Head Coach: Trevor Deeks
Manager: Michelle & James Bailey
Team: CSO – U12B – 2
Team Name: Panthers
Head Coach: Ritchie Larson
Manager: Emma Rae

U12 A

Team: CSO – U12A – 1
Team Name: Phantoms
Head Coach: Pam Balderston
Manager: Ali Bryan
Team: CSO – U12A – 2
Team Name: Aces
Head Coach: Zane Komarniski
Manager: Graham MacMillan