UAA Testing

What is UAA Testing? UAA testing is mandated by RAB for all skaters in the province in the U10 to U14 age groups. (NOTE: Full-time goalies in U14 do not attend the UAA testing sessions.)

As per their tiering policy, RAB compares the UAA data across the province to approve the teams that each association can have in each tier. This approval process is done to strive for comparative competitiveness across the province. Internally, SCRA uses the UAA data for sorting U10-U14 skaters into their first game-play evaluation session. UAA data is not used to calculate a player’s final team placement. It is required to ensure we meet RAB minimum testing requirements for U10-U14 teams.

UAA Testing utilizes four different skill testing stations:

  • Station 1:  Forward & Backward Speed Skate (U10, U12, U14)
  • Station 2:  Agility Weave with a Ring  (U10, U12, U14) 
  • Station 3:  Parallel Start & Stop (U10, U12, U14) 
  • Station 4:  Butterfly Transitional Skate (U12 and U14 only) 

Details of the UAA tests can be found on the Ringette Alberta website: