Volunteer Commitment

Volunteers carry out 100% of SCRA activities, making them an integral part of its success. We value and appreciate the personal time and energy that volunteers give to our organization. Volunteers make our program possible, so we strongly encourage our members to support your athlete’s sport by fulfilling your volunteer commitment. Get involved and have some fun supporting your athlete!

  • Volunteer Commitment: SCRA members are required to provide 100 credits (or at least 8 hours) of volunteer time per player, to a maximum of 200 credits per family by April 30 of the current season.
  • Volunteer Opt Out Fee: During the registration process, families can choose to opt out of the SCRA volunteer requirement. The fee for this is $325 per player, to a max of $600 per family. This does not relieve the family of team support roles, such as serving as off-ice officials.
  • Non-Fulfilment Penalty: Members who do not fulfil the volunteer commitment by April 30 of the current season will be charged a non-fulfilment penalty equivalent to the season’s opt-out fee.

If you have any questions about volunteering with SCRA, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at: volunteer@southcalgaryringette.com

Volunteer Opportunities – SCRA

In addition to the volunteer roles listed in our Volunteer Guide below, we also highlight some current needs on this page. Check back regularly as new position descriptions are added and/or updated.

If you would like to shadow / assist a currently filled role, please let us know. Please email our Volunteer Coordinator to sign-up for a position or for additional information.

► To receive emails about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please ensure you are subscribed for “Operations Emails” in your SportzSoft settings.

Volunteer Opportunities – Ringette Calgary / Ringette Alberta

Volunteer opportunities with Ringette Calgary or Ringette Alberta may also count toward your SCRA volunteer credit. Please let our Volunteer Coordinator know if you take on a role with these groups. We may also post any current openings below – so please check back regularly.