SCRA Tournaments

SCRA typically hosts two tournaments during the season which teams may choose to enter. Teams are responsible to cover the entry fee into these tournaments out of their team funds.

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Esso Golden Ring Tournament

All SCRA teams are expected to enter Ringette Calgary’s Esso Golden Ring Tournament held in January each year in Calgary. The application form is typically available in late Sept / early Oct. Check the website for info at A few points to note:

  • Teams are responsible to cover the entry fee into this tournament out of their team funds.
  • Teams must provide volunteers to support the tournament, such as check-in table, scoresheet, timekeeper and shot clock volunteers. These roles may be considered for credits toward the SCRA Volunteer Bond. Managers will receive further information from the SCRA Volunteer Coordinator.

Out-Of-Town Tournaments

Teams do not have to attend any out of town tournaments but most teams will choose to attend at least one. They are a fun way of bonding between players and parents. Here are a few tips:

  • A list of sanctioned tournaments with application deadlines can be accessed on the Ringette Alberta website. You may want to ask parents which tournaments they would be interested in attending and if they have any financial concerns, availability issues or other considerations.
  • Apply as soon as possible as there are closing dates to consider. Many tournaments fill up quickly and it can be difficult to get accepted. 
  • Be aware of the relevant Ringette Calgary and SCRA policies around Tournament Blocks, league game cancellations, and practice cancellations.
  • Be sure to consider your team’s potential league playoff and provincial schedules before applying to tournaments in the 2nd half of the season.
  • After your team has participated in a tournament, your manager MUST complete a Tournament Attendance Form on the Ringette Calgary website.

Ringette Calgary – Zone 3 / City Championships

For the U12 and higher age divisions in Calgary (Zone 3), the season typically ends with a playoff tournament in February/March. A few points to note:

  • The Ringette Calgary “City Championship” includes Zone 3 teams only. (The other Zones that participate in the Chinook League – Zone 1 and Zone 2 – participate in their own Zone championship playoffs.)
  • Seeding is based on team standings at the end of regular scheduled league games. Playoff tournament is a double knockout series.
  • Be sure to familiarize yourself with all the information in the Ringette Calgary rules & regulations, and other resources on the Ringette Calgary website.

Provincial Playdowns and Provincial Championships

Teams in U14 and older age divisions may choose to attend Ringette Alberta’s Provincial Playdowns.

Teams must submit their “Commitment to Attend” the Playdowns tournament (and Championships should they qualify) by December 15th. The online form is available on the Ringette Alberta website. Teams are responsible to cover the entry fee into the Playdowns tournament out of their team funds.

Teams that successfully qualify through the rounds of the Playdowns tournament will move on to the Provincial Championships tournament. There is an additional entry fee for this Championships tournament which teams are responsible to cover out of their team funds.

Dates and locations for the Playdowns and Championships will be posted on the Ringette Alberta website. For more information on Provincials, please visit

U12 Regionals

U12 teams may choose to attend the season-end “Regional” championship tournament. Typically teams must submit their “Commitment to Attend” and entry fee by December 15th. Watch the Ringette Calgary website and other communications for details to be posted.

Ringette Calgary – AS/U10 Friendship Tournament

For AS and U10 teams, the annual Friendship Tournament is a fun way to wrap up the season. This fun tournament is typically held in early/mid March while the older age divisions are participating in city, regional and provincial season-end playoffs. Keep checking the Ringette Calgary website for tournament info or contact the Ringette Calgary Children’s Ringette coordinator at with any questions.  

The entry fee for this tournament is usually included in your SCRA registration fees. Teams also traditionally exchange a small gift during the hand shake at the end of games (ie. some teams have handed out pencils, bookmarks, bracelets, candy necklaces, etc.)